Thursday, February 12, 2009

Proverbs 15:1

"A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger."

And so began last night's anger management class... I've now put that proverb beside my laptop, probably I should post it in the bathroom, in my car, use it as a bookmark, on the fridge, on this and on that and on and on.

I exel at harsh words.

Maybe that's not entirely true. I seem to have learned my mother's lessons well. I excel at meticulously worded throat slashings.

A soft answer turns away wrath.

A soft answer turns away wrath.

A soft answer turns away wrath.

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to make it stick. there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

I'm taking a small group communications class. My group is sure pissing me off. I may not have taken this class had I realized I'd actually have to work with a small group and my grade will depend on said group. They don't seem to care as much as I do about an "A," they want to develop relationships or something. Bah. Today I got a little grumpy during our meeting, no harsh words, but I was a little short. Can't they just stick to the agenda. "It's prima cotton and it's the silkiest cami ever. It comes in quite a few colors. Come into my store when i'm working and try them on." What??? Who cares! What even is "prima cotton???" Did I even hear her right, maybe she said pima, is that a cotton? I don't know. "Ahem, sorry but could we maybe talk about the project?" "oh, ha ha, sorry." Then silence, because the mean old lady spoke up. I'm trying to remember age and life differences. I'm trying to remember.

But they're just so damn stupid.

I'd make my momma proud.


Patience said...

Plays well with others

Needs improvement

Even if the others are stoopid!!

Catch said...

lol..oh Noelle, Im so glad to finally see you again! As I have caught up on your posts I gotta tell you have some change of life going on??? sounds like it....everything just makes a person SO pissed off when they are going thru the change. As far as I can tell I have been going thru it for 10 years,,,of course I blame everything on the change! Its real handy that way! My Mother said for years when a woman goes thru the change she either has an affair, drinks. or loses her how was I to know I was going to do all 3 of those things at some time or another???? And I have to say I did them with gusto!

my oldest son doesnt drink but he has dabbled in drugs for years..hes in his 40s now....hopefully he has settled down some...but what I have been thru with him is enough to turn your hair gray.

Hang in there does get better!

noelle said...

That's hilarious! B-... Thanks for the grade, Patience, and for keeping me honest.

Hey Catch, thanks for stopping by. I keep wondering if it's the change, but my doctor keeps saying not quite yet. I think she's wrong! ;) Your mom probably has it right! Wise woman.