Saturday, October 17, 2009

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Orange-Ginger Sauce

I'm like a chef or something! :)

Mostly I just enjoy reading recipes, but this one I did try and it was pretty good. No house fires, no bleeding appendages. Just a jet-lagged husband who didn't care what I was feeding him. Always a bonus when trying new dishes.

Ok, I took pictures, but then I realized it's just as hard to take good food pictures as it is to make good food!

Here's the butternut squash and (ground) hazelnut filling. Doesn't look so appetizing in the picture, huh?
Then I made the pasta dough and rolled it through that little machine:
Here's what all the raviolis looked like as they were drying:
Close-up, because I know you care:
Ta-da! The final product! That's sage and shaved parmesan cheese on top, actually it's a different hard cheese that cost a lot, but didn't taste much different than parmesan and it had a name I can't remember, so I'm calling it parmesan.
You didn't know you were now reading a cooking blog. LMAO.

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