Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Corey and Matt

It's been seven months and my little dog is still dead. Not that I thought he wouldn't be. Just that i thought it'd get easier. He's haunting me in the past couple weeks. I see him out of the corner of my eye. I hear him barking outside. I saw him in the back seat of my car last week as I was getting in to head to work. I feel him brush past me in the hallway.

My son is an alcoholic. Not that I thought he miraculously wouldn't be. Just that i thought it was getting easier and he wasn't drinking. My dog is still dead and my son's still drinking. Tomorrow night he and I and his girlfriend will have a come-to-Jesus meeting. It's probably long overdue.

I'm overwhelmed at work. Feast or famine. Feast this week, which makes time go quickly, but there isn't enough time to do all that needs to be done. I'll be pleased when my service/burial tomorrow is over. It's a difficult family. Two more services this week, but at least neither is mine, they belong to the other two directors.

I'm overwhelmed with homework. Did I say that a requirement of being hired as a funeral director was that I need to be fully licensable within two years? So, I have to take some classes.

That's my evening. Dog dead, son messing up again, and I just feel tired and overwhelmed.

There oughta be a country song in there somewhere.