Tuesday, September 28, 2010

another job interview. It didn't feel great. I've had a few interviews now. Two jobs i got, two i didn't. Two jobs that didn't last very long. Felt fairly confident until today's interview. I'm old and I'm too experienced and i cost too much. I'd work cheap, honest, and i'd still do a good job. Sigh...

Monday, September 27, 2010

remodeling blahs

i'm tired of remodeling now. My dining room table is in my kitchen. It doesn't fit in my kitchen. My dining room is empty. My living room is full of tools and wood, no furniture, it's now our upstairs garage. I'm tired of it now. It'll be fine again tomorrow. But today, i just want a house back. Instead i have to texture the wall, install a tile fireplace surround, then tomorrow paint the damn wall. Enough. I'm ready to move to a new house where someone else brought it from 1970 to present.

heck, by the time we're done, it'll be time to start over again. enough.

Friday, March 26, 2010

a whole lot o' nothing

Still not working. Am I employable at all? I send my resume, I call folks, I smile. No one cares, no one that could give me a livable wage anyway. Frustrating. And embarrassing.

In the meantime, I've emptied my daughter's room (she's a freshman at college this year), scraped the popcorn ceiling, retextured, and painted. Today I'm heading to a BIG fabric store to get fabric for curtains and a couple throw pillows. I'm making her room a guest room/toy room for the grandkids. It's a challenge making it kid friendly, but also grown up. Kind of fun, but kind of sad that no kids live at home anymore. It's my daughter's spring break this week, and it was pretty hard to get a read on how she feels about the "new" room. Guess that's okay, cuz I have mixed feelings about it too.

Yesterday, I ran/walked for six miles. It was fun and very encouraging feeling. Today, my legs are a little sore, which I love! I'm not gonna run today, but I will (at some point) do some situps and other toning exercises. Since when did I get those little flappys on my arms??? Oh my!

Time to clean my office. Grr. It's become a storage room, while re-doing the other bedroom, and now I need to dig in and put stuff away. Sigh... :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adult children

...are so much harder to be the parent of than small children. Especially once they have husbands, wives, partners, and then those in laws don't get along. More pain in a mother's heart than there needs to be. More pain in a son's heart than there needs to be. It's just very sad.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year

In December, an envelope came in the mail. My husband made a big deal of it, which of course, I liked. He video taped me opening it, gave a little announcement. Ta-da! Associate's Degree! Woot-woot. lol. One more thing to cross off my to-do list before I die. Next up, Bachelor's. It, however, will need to wait for me to go back to work and replenish some savings.

I've been so blessed that for the last year we've been able to afford (sort of) for me to not work (except that short stint at the plant nursery) and just focus on school. Now it's time to work again and it leaves me somewhat nervous. Who will hire me? What do I really have to offer? All those questions come into play.

Monday, I left Mito, Japan at 10:30 in the morning. I took a two hour bus to the airport in Narita, then a two hour wait for my flight, then an eight and a half hour flight, and I got home at 7:30 the same morning! Crazy. I got to go with Steve over there. He goes several times a year to his factory, well not his, but to the company's factory, and we'd tried to work it out so that our schedules coincided and I could join him. It was my graduation present! And birthday, anniversary, Christmas...

We were in Tokyo for a few days, then to Mito where he went to work and I explored on my own. I'd thought I'd update this blog while I was there, but I didn't.

It was an amazing adventure. Really like nothing I'd experienced before.

Right now, though, I'm drinking my first cup of coffee since I got home. I didn't want the caffeine the last couple days, but now I'm enjoying its yummy goodness. For a few minutes. Then I have to update my resume and become an adult again. I've lived in this in-between place for the last year and now I need to earn my keep again.

Frankly, I'm terrified.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


So, I started out great with my friend Tracy. Walking three or four times a week for four miles each time. That little ipod thing will not measure correctly no matter how I recalibrate it. It consistently says 4 actual miles = 3.3 ipod miles. Anyway, it's not really the point (unless you can help me fix it). Then Steve's dad had a stroke and I went to their house for a week, no walking. Then I came home and had back issues and started my final term of community college (well, as long as I pass physics!) So again, no walking. This morning Tracy and I walked our four miles and then I forgot to stop the ipod, so it measure another ten minutes while I stood at her kitchen counter eating figs that I stole from someone's tree. I've been waiting forever for them to get ripe! Yumm-0! I have lost no weight, while Tracy has lost about twenty pounds. Maybe because she kept walking, while I slacked. Maybe I'll set my alarm early and go before class tomorrow. I have to do something. I feel like such a slug.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Orange-Ginger Sauce

I'm like a chef or something! :)

Mostly I just enjoy reading recipes, but this one I did try and it was pretty good. No house fires, no bleeding appendages. Just a jet-lagged husband who didn't care what I was feeding him. Always a bonus when trying new dishes.

Ok, I took pictures, but then I realized it's just as hard to take good food pictures as it is to make good food!

Here's the butternut squash and (ground) hazelnut filling. Doesn't look so appetizing in the picture, huh?
Then I made the pasta dough and rolled it through that little machine:
Here's what all the raviolis looked like as they were drying:
Close-up, because I know you care:
Ta-da! The final product! That's sage and shaved parmesan cheese on top, actually it's a different hard cheese that cost a lot, but didn't taste much different than parmesan and it had a name I can't remember, so I'm calling it parmesan.
You didn't know you were now reading a cooking blog. LMAO.