Friday, March 26, 2010

a whole lot o' nothing

Still not working. Am I employable at all? I send my resume, I call folks, I smile. No one cares, no one that could give me a livable wage anyway. Frustrating. And embarrassing.

In the meantime, I've emptied my daughter's room (she's a freshman at college this year), scraped the popcorn ceiling, retextured, and painted. Today I'm heading to a BIG fabric store to get fabric for curtains and a couple throw pillows. I'm making her room a guest room/toy room for the grandkids. It's a challenge making it kid friendly, but also grown up. Kind of fun, but kind of sad that no kids live at home anymore. It's my daughter's spring break this week, and it was pretty hard to get a read on how she feels about the "new" room. Guess that's okay, cuz I have mixed feelings about it too.

Yesterday, I ran/walked for six miles. It was fun and very encouraging feeling. Today, my legs are a little sore, which I love! I'm not gonna run today, but I will (at some point) do some situps and other toning exercises. Since when did I get those little flappys on my arms??? Oh my!

Time to clean my office. Grr. It's become a storage room, while re-doing the other bedroom, and now I need to dig in and put stuff away. Sigh... :)