Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today I am...

Today I am
*Wrestling a printer, which happens to be kicking my butt.
*Supposed to be printing out next weeks statements, since I will be gone next week (Hawaii, Hawaii, here we come!) But I can't print out the statements, grr.
*supposed to be inputting into Excel the last old files which I pulled out of the moldy gross shed behind the funeral home. Somehow I missed about three boxes last fall and the shed leaked like a sieve all winter long. Now mold is growing everywhere. I'm not kidding, there are really weird mushroomy, squiggly, brown, plastic-y things growing on the floors and the walls. I've been letting these last files dry out across tables and of course I'm sneezing like crazy since I decided to bring those mold spores into the building. Anyway, i'm supposed to be going through old files and I haven't yet.

Today I feel
*happy to hear from my son who had hernia outpatient surgery this morning. He sounded totally drugged and somewhat relaxed. Now his mom can relax. When are kids too old to have their mother's present at medical procedures? apparently he thinks 23.

Today I saw
*a wonderful gentleman who came in for a preneed. He walks with a cane, since he recently fell and broke his ankle. He's healing remarkably well for 82. I wouldn't have put him a day past 70.
*another gentleman who's foot was on backwards. When I looked more closely, I realized both feet/legs were kind of on backwards. I asked Skip if it was a car accident that killed him. He said "no, it was Dancing With the Stars". He didn't look up, he didn't smile, he didn't stop working. I felt a little queasy so I came back to my desk.

Today I heard
*a story about a dead guy who got one last strip-tease. After the service, everyone was asked to leave the chapel. One lady stayed. The music started and she danced for him. Hmm... and the point is?


Sayre said...

Hawaii??? Wow - have lots and lots of fun and rest and fun! I've never been there, but then I live in Florida so there's no shortage of beaches and such here... Not that I take advantage of that - I'm a lobster after 10 minutes in the sun!

Catch said...

I think Skip would be a blast to work with! lol. Im still trying to figure out why the guys feet were on backwards!

Wow....Hawaii!! You go girl! Have a great time!! Enjoy yourself and kick back and relax.

My Mother was there with me when I had all 3 of my babies. I didnt think I could have one without her! lol. I figured she knew what kind of pain I was in....the husband never had a clue! Anytime I was sick or in the hospital...I wanted my Mother!!!...and now....she has alzheimers and her train of thought doesnt last that long...I still would want her with me. I think what I miss most about her is the way she could talk to me and make me feel better.