Thursday, August 17, 2006

young lady

19, female, drowned. Son appears to be about a year and a half old. Could be my own daughter. Mom brought in a prom dress for her. I curled her hair in long sweeping curls. She looks very pretty. I'm sick to my stomach. I was finishing up her hair and Skip came over to see, he just stared at me, made me look him in the eyes. I told him to knock it off or I'd start to cry. He just kept looking at me, I cried. How do you lose your daughter? How does her son grow up not knowing her. Last night, after work I picked up Logan from daycare, it was my first time to get him from the new place he goes. I saw him in the window, he got a huge smile and started yelling "Grammy, Grammy". When they let me in, he ran to me and grabbed my legs. I just heard the young lady's son say Grammy to her mom. I don't know what I'd do if one of my children were gone, just like that, swimming, having fun, then gone. I want to throw up now.

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