Wednesday, April 04, 2007

april 4

how's that for a title "April 4", you can see my originality shining through. Today is better than yesterday. Today i'm back to hating stupid people. It's an easier place to be. Thanks for the kind thoughts shared with me. I have to say again, it's really weird to me that anyone besides my husband reads this. Brianaldo, you make me smile, thank you for making today better for me.

So, I may have lost two preneeds and I say "Good for Noelle". My manager told me to send em to someone else closer to them anyway. It's a man who has power of attorney for his parents and he wants to do everything by phone, fax, mail. That's okay if he'd do what i tell him to do or if he'd read what i send him, which he doesn't. So everytime I talk to him (which has been about ten times since the 11th of January) we start over fresh. Today I wasn't playing well with others. I said he just needed to come in, we'd go over the paperwork, we'd be finished in 20 minutes and it wouldn't have to drag out any longer. I hope they go somewhere else. I'm tired of playing around. It's his parents. I'm sorry if he thinks he can't spend an hour and a half including drive time to take care of this. I'm also sorry that he and his wife don't communicate as i've explained the whole process to her about four times. He thanked me for the evaluation of his family situation. I don't know if I'll hear from him again. Good for Noelle. Very good for Noelle.


Sayre said...

It's so much easier to deal with stupid people than with those who are emotionally over-wrought. Of course, eventually those stupid people will BE over-wrought. I suppose it might be better just to deal with it now than try to pry information out of them later... or just get rid of them now.

I'm glad today was better!

I was a little freaked when strangers started popping over to my blog and commenting. But on the whole, they've been wonderfully supportive and wonderfully funny and I would miss them if they disappeared. So I go visiting too. It's fun!

Catch said...

Im glad today was better for you...and yes stupid would be much easier to deal with. Its amazing that people dont want to take the time to do things for their parents.

I dont why you would be suprised we read your blog..its very good. Its an honest and sometimes comical insight into a world that we dont really know a lot about. When I have been to the funeral home ..its just the formality part...I dont know what goes on behind closed doors, so I find this very interesting. And you tell it so well...keep up the good work! I look forward to your posts.