Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bla bla blog

hmm, so I think i'm almost an official blogger, except that I haven't really figured out much about how to add pictures or fancy stuff and I doubt I'll take the time to learn, so maybe I'm not a real blogger after all. If blogger is even a real term, not some stupid thing that I just wrote. One psychiatrist in my past labeled me a narcissist. What did he know? Perhaps though, in the blogging world, it may be true as I've only recently discovered that anyone besides me writes about their lives. I was fairly certain that google set up this whole website so I'd have a place to record my thoughts, it didn't really occur to me that the rest of you were out there doing the same thing. I think I've figured out that blogger may be the equivalent of the prepubescent myspace. It seems to me that 90% of (the 15 or so) blogs I've read are written by women around my age.

Yesterday I sent an email to my sister at the exact same time that she was sending an email to me asking the same thing, "are we still on for dinner tomorrow?". It was weird, like our sister-esp was working.

That thing about my sister had nothing to do with anything, it just popped into my head. So back to the blogging thing. Catch from A Penny for My Thoughts (see the sidebar link) was very complimentary about my pencil scratchings. It's fun. So, since I'm not so sure how to add links here and even less sure that I care to take the time to learn, I'll just say that the links in my sidebar are the blogs I read. I'm not so great at commenting, but I read them and enjoy them immensely. Not all of them make me think... like Just for Humor, that's for plain old fun. It makes me laugh. But Snickollet (i could be spelling it wrong) makes me think alot. Catch makes me laugh quite a bit. I really enjoy her mix of humor and daily reality. I love how Sayre of Sayre Smiles examines herself. I especially liked her post about her stride. Having worked in a clean room in the semiconductor industry for years, I recognize many people by the way they walk. Her post reminded me of what our walks say about us.

So that's about as close as I get to an award ceremony. It's not technically pretty, but in the spirit of the blogging community, it's my stab at participation. :) So maybe I am a narcissist. Maybe.


Sayre said...

Wow - thanks, Funeral Girl! I love when new and interesting people find me (or vice versa).

When I first started blogging, I guess I wasn't totally with the whole "public" aspect of it. And I was pretty shocked the first time someone who wasn't family commented. But then I started liking it and visiting them back. Now, they're all like family.

BTW - I found you through the CRITIQUE MY BLOG blog, in case you're wondering where I came from.

Sheri said...

I'm glad to see you getting about on the Blogosphere as well as you do! My blog is for my thoughts and ramblings about my life. Most times, it's pretty boring - like my life.

Catch said...

I think your award ceremony was just fine! Im glad my blog makes you laugh. When I started my blog I figured no one would read it but me...then I started reading other blogs..all in all I think its great fun. We are all just people with our own stories and tales about our lives....which can be pretty funny or very sad at times..but nonetheless always interesting! And you do a super job!!!