Monday, June 04, 2007


We got a "reminder" from the boss that we're not supposed to talk about anything that happens at work. We're especially not supposed to post work related items on the internet. So, here's my official disclaimer. I may have at some point in my life worked in the semi-conductor industry, but probably that's just something I've made up to throw readers off. And then I may have exchanged that all-head job for an all-heart job in the deathcare industry, but that's probably REALLY something I made up. So, officially this blog is straight from my imagination.

I'll try to remember that I began writing to express my thoughts, not just to rant about STUPID people, so I probably should just stick with my own feelings. Btw, STUPID did end up calling to tell on me. Only because his mom is now "circling the bowl" (the owner's words not mine). We agreed that if she dies and STUPID brings her to us (well, technically we'll go pick her up, he doesn't have to drive her) that if he or his wife, STUPIDER, call I'm to put them right on hold and get New FD to talk to them. Fine with me. I'm tired of them being mean and, of course, stupid.


Sayre said...

Ah, I was wondering why you went quiet... I hope you don't get in trouble over your very active imagination! I love reading this!

Catch said...

Mum is the lips are sealed! lol

william d. anderson said...

you have a very imaginative writing style. making up stories about working in the funeral industry is a great angle. we all understand that anything you share is simply the product of your combined imaginative experiences, and in no way reflects actual events or people who may or may not be dead. or just stupid.

i love this blog. thanks for the updates.