Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So last week I got the license and this week New FD is on vacation. He had last Thursday off and we got three new calls.
One direct cremation, easy, I scheduled that family for an afternoon appointment, it only takes about 45 minutes, super nice family made it even easier, plus the Mom was old, it just doesn't get any better.
Next was a traditional service with burial, a lot of work, so I scheduled that family for Friday when New FD would be back. Didn't matter beccause the family showed up twice anyway, once in the morning and once late afternoon. We planned the whole thing, but I told them New FD would verify that I'd done it right the next day. He gave me an "A" on Friday.
Then a third family also just showed up, it turned out to be cremation with memorial service. No one goes to the dentist without an appointment, but everyone thinks it's okay to go to a funeral home without one. Maybe it is okay, it just doesn't always work out that well for anyone to have time to talk to them. I digress, this family was an old Mom too, 94. Sure makes the whole process easier when someone gets to live a long full life. People are a little sad, but not grief-stricken.
Anyway, I did three arrangements on my first real day as an intern. Months to plan a wedding, and a few days to plan a funeral. It was pretty interesting from a work stand point. Pretty sucky from a human point of view. Well, family two was sucky. Not the people, they were awesome, but the situation. But that's a whole nother post.
Fast forward to this week, yesterday was the service and burial of Family 2. It was pretty large, I was pretty nervous. It was my first service to do alone, well, I guess that's not true, I did a service a couple months back, but it wasn't this big, and somehow it didn't hold the same significance to me. My mind is going faster than my fingers can and my thoughts are zipping around like crazy. Today was the cremation memorial service. Both services went well. I am pleased. Two folks sent off properly. There's so much I'm not saying and it's only important to me and not to anyone else, just mini-clips of yesterday and today playing thru my head. I don't even know what else to type.


Patience said...

Sounds like your first week was very eventful and very successful! Kudos to you!!

Sayre said...

Congratulations on getting those two services done and done well! I've said it before - I think you might have a knack for this.

Do Jewish people still try to bury their dead within 24 hours? That used to be how it was done - which might explain some of those "last minute" arrangements...

noelle said...

I've not yet buried a Jewish person. Muslims though do want to be buried before sundown. Very tricky with getting a death certificate signed by the doc and to the health department! EVERYone thinks the whole process should only be 24 hours though. Um, could you bury my mom while I run to the store for more soda? :)

Catch said...

You are doing a great job Noel! Whatever you write about...I always look so forward to your posts...and congrats on the job your doing for the FD. I bet hes proud of you!