Thursday, September 28, 2006


The funeral director pocketed the money. I can't believe it.
I talked to someone who used to work here. The FD was fired as soon as he was caught. Started out as a good guy, ended up pocketing cash. They didn't really know how many times he'd done it. We honored the payment since the family found the receipt. Schewan and I had decided to pay for the cremation out of our pockets if the owner wouldn't make good on it. Technically he doesn't have to, since it all happened prior to him purchasing the funeral home, but it's the right thing to do.
Finally got all the signatures and the Dad went to the crematory yesterday. He was beginning to smell. Schewan failed to remove his pace maker until just before he left. Pee-you! (sp?) The oldest son was holding out, just to be a putz, not because he truly cared about the dad. The entire situation with this family is sad. One good thing of it, is that two of the daughters have begun speaking again after years of not getting along. That part is neat.

I'm just shocked that the FD took the money. I guess he'd found a really old receipt book and had begun using it when people paid cash. I do not understand how someone could do that. It's death we're talking about, he's not selling used cars. You only get one shot at doing death right and if someone planned ahead to take care of their family, how horrible is it that they'd be taken advantage of? I believe that he was prosecuted, but any punishment does little to make it right.

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