Friday, September 22, 2006


Words that canNOT be on my death certificate:
Marital Status: Divorced
Date of Death: Found xx/xx/xxxx
Informant: County Medical Examiner or any Nursing Home name
Cause of Death: Any form of Suicide
Autopsy: Yes (it's a yes/no question)
Usual Occupation: Eng Tech
Usual Industry: Semiconductor

Foods that are off my menu:
Well-ripe plums or nectarines
Cottage cheese
Sometimes, orange juice
Sometimes, all food, but luckily that doesn't last long

Stupid things I've said:
"Here's another group to add to your party." - when sending some late arriving family members into the arrangement room to complete selections for burying their father.

Colors of ash I've seen:
Normal gray
Black, very black
Lime green
Smoky yellow

Least favorite services:
Children of any age

Most favorite services:
Old parents, especially when the "children" are themselves 60-70 and they fight amongst themselves. The dynamics are awesome to watch. Plus I like telling them to behave.


anne said...


I just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog about a week or so ago and I have read through the entire thing.

You have one of those jobs that I always wondered about. And, oddly enough, from your writing it seems as though it is very much like what I expected it to be. I almost feel like I am right there because you approach a lot of things the same way I think I would. It would be a very emotional job for me. It would also be very difficult. I guess there are certain things you get used to but, as a mom, there are certian things I could never get used to.

Great writing and thanks for sharing your experiences.

noelle said...

Thanks for reading and for commenting. It's weird to think that someone else is interested in what i have to say. There are many things I'm not sure I will ever get used to (THE SMELL), but there are other aspects which are now second nature (and that fact kind of freaks me out!).
Thanks, Anne.