Friday, September 29, 2006


So, now I have audited EVERY pre-need file we have to make sure there are no others with missing funds. Luckily only one is questionable and I'll look into it next week. It took all week to go thru each file and compare it against printouts from the insurance companies that show funding. I now have about two more weeks worth of work to sort through all the "information only" files. People just come in and tell you what they want, but don't pre-pay and don't actually sign a contract to come here. So half or more of them could be dead for all I know and we're just hanging on to a useless file. I made a pile of all those files and will deal with them sometime.
Right now it's Friday and I am going home! It's the homecoming game, so I'm going to watch my daughter cheer (who cares about the football game in the background.)


funeralhome said...

I just started work in a funeral home in Canada, as an apprentice. Pre-needs perplex me, and I also have some issues around the need to train in embalming in order to become, as most observers think we all will, a kind of 'post-mortem wedding planner'. I'd be interested in exchanging notes... one of the reasons I got into this racket is to work on a book, an even-handed account of this fascinating world, warts and all, which I'm doing now. I'm at, drop me a line.

noelle said...

Lots of things perplex me, pre-needs are just one of them. It'd be an interesting book. Have you read either of Mary Roach's (sp?) books? Stiffed and I can't remember the other one right now. Awesome look into the behind the scenes.

funeralhome said...

Yep, Stiff, and the Spook, about claims of the afterlife. Well researched but like a lot of popular press, just interested in the unusual and bizarre. There's another just out by a Time mag writer called Remember Me, which looks at stranger commercial trends (eternal reefs, gemstones pressed from cremated remains) but I think the story of everyday life and death in the funeral trade is under-reported. We'll see. Is your workplace a chain? SCI? Or an indie?