Tuesday, March 14, 2006

daily business

The regulated medical waste guy just came by to pick up our waste products. I'm so glad he went into the prep room and I didn't have to try and lug that big crate out. I didn't even look in there, just barely pushed open the door for him. I told him how I had to go in there last week to get the dirty laundry out, cuz that guy refused to go in the room. He chuckled. There's so much to the business side of this industry. Laundry, medical waste, yuck.

I cleaned out another crazily messy area today in the office. There seems to be crap piled to the ceiling! I found a glue gun and glue sticks, well when I read the packaging of the sticks closely, I found that it was biodegradable and was to use for gluing small heart shaped pressed paper with flowers seeds in them onto memorial folders to hand out to funeral guests. What a weird thing. I think I kind of like it though. Instead of handing out tiny bottles of bubbles at weddings, you can hand out tiny hearts to plant in memory of the deceased. It's a neat idea, but I wonder if any flowers will actually grow.

I found some information packets for families when they're making pre-arrangements for their own funerals. I think I'll send one to my parents. I know they've made some of their own arrangements, but it would sure be a nice thing to do for your loved ones, so they don't have to figure out all the stuff they'll need at a hard time in their own lives. I don't know how my parents will like getting it in the mail though. I'll add a little note, "not that I'm trying to rush you, but just thought you might like to get things in order". ha. I am seeing that there are things i really want to take care of so my husband and children don't have to.

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