Thursday, March 23, 2006

Funeral home Field trip...what?

This morning a group of high school students came here for a field trip. It's the weirdest thing to me. Of all the places they could go to learn about business, they come here. Of course, they couldn't go into the back room and definitely not the prep room, aka Arts and Crafts Room. I can think of a lot of places to take students and a funeral home would never enter my mind as one of them. One girl, very appropriately, was dressed completely in black. I think it was her normal mode of dressing though as she had on knee high boots. Well, I wear knee-hee black boots, but they're a little different. Hers were chunky, maybe five pounds each. They were similar to biker boots, but had row upon row of big silver buckles. Leather strapped thru the buckles, so it looked like little tags sticking out. Black hair, white white skin, is she even alive?
Tom gave each of them brochures and price lists. They acted interested, except for the impassive faces and stifled yawns. I think they were all very disappointed when the tour didn't go past the public places. It would've been a much better field trip could they have gone back to school and talk about something gross that they'd seen.

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