Saturday, March 04, 2006

eating lunch - week one

whoever thought eating lunch could be so dang difficult.
Day 1: leftover pasta. Ate about three bites and all i could taste was old dead flesh. Threw it away. Later in the day my head ached from hunger. Felt nauseated and light headed. Was that the hunger or the surroundings?
Day 2: Leftover rice, beef, mushroom casserole kind of thing (I never claimed to be a cook). Couldn't get to the microwave cuz a casket (empty?) was in the way. Waited till an intern was here and he showed me how to move it. Apparently I needed to throw my weight into it and the thing would move. Also had to move a guerney (definitely empty) out of the way, so then I heard about the importance of hand washing after touching a guerney. Disease, disgust, basic all around filth. Ten minutes of intense scrubbing after he left (how could he have known the issues I already have with germs, yikes). Well, my food was hot when the microwave first pinged, now it's barely lukewarm and I had to move the casket back in front of it after I finished so there'd be room to walk. Three, maybe four bites. Old dead GERM-Y flesh. uuggghh!
Day 3: see the post for Day 3. It pretty much says it all.
Hunger is apparently part of this job. Guess it's good I could stand to lose a few pounds.

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Catch said...

I would be the same way....Id lose a few pounds too.