Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ho hum

Well, no one ever told me that this was an exciting business. Guess I didn't realize I'd get so bored in between calls though. I'm going to be recovering some office chairs, but forgot to bring my staple gun this morning. This office is straight out of the 70s and completely depressing. I've moved stuff around a little trying to make it more functional, but it's pretty dang ugly and that will take some time. There's an old storage shed with a cool desk in it, that may actually qualify as antique rather than 70s crapola. Maybe I can refinish it and bring it back in here. I think it'd look way better than this big old thing I have. This is probably an indication of not enough to do, if i've got time to whine about office furniture.
Tom went to pick up someone from a nursing home. Good thing they moved that other lady out of the cooler this morning, now we have room for someone else. I guess there's a large person in-waiting now, which causes some space constraints. What a weird thing to have to think of, where do we put people while waiting for the family to make arrangements. hmm.

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