Monday, March 13, 2006

foot viewing

A first for one of our new funeral directors...Yesterday he had his first foot viewing by a family. The brother fell from a local mountain side and he was pretty much a mess. He had no ID except for a library card. The ME took fingerprints and results should be back today. It's unknown whether he fell accidentally or jumped or was pushed over the edge, and it's very unlikely the truth will ever be discovered. The sisters still wanted to see him, so they viewed his foot as it was the most presentable part. Also the director gave him a headcovering and a little ninja style mask, as he was viewable from eyebrows to nose. That small area, along with the foot, was enough for the sisters to know positively it was their brother. I don't know that I'd recognize one of my sisters' feet, my husband's yes, but a grown sibling whose feet I haven't seen in years? kinda creepy.

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