Wednesday, March 22, 2006


If I get one more phone call from that other office from one more woman who is talking to me like i'm an idiot, I'll scream. Excuse me, I got one day training. One day. We all need to admit that I've probably got some gaps in knowledge. So, it'd be fine if they were even calling to tell me about something i did wrong. But they aren't! they're calling for me to check on files from months ago and then when I give the information they want, they say stupid things like "You do check files before you put them away, right?" I want to shout Of course I do you idiot, but if you were paying closer attention to what you're saying you'll realize that I've been here three weeks and this chart was filed in Jan! Why do I even allow it to get under my skin. Women suck sometimes. They haven't even seen me, we're in completely different funeral homes and they still wanna act all snippy. What's with that anyway. And why do i even care??? Why does it matter to me if they're not nice. Why can't they be nice when they call and say I know this is from before you were here, but if you could look something up I'd appreciate it. It's like they want to find any errors from over here and then pounce on them. I want to remind them that any beef they have was with someone who no longer works here, it isn't with me. They've never even met me, we've only spoken on the phone. I know it's not personal, so why do I let it get to me. I don't know what stress they're under in that office, I've heard it's not fun over there, but they don't have to take it out on me. Jeez....

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